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Events your entire family will enjoy

From best-selling authors to books of local interests, our book events offer adults and children a unique opportunity to meet the author and learn more about their books. Stop in and see us at one of our exciting gatherings and learn more about your favorite books.

“Books are uniquely portable magic.”


- Stephen King

Call and inquire about our upcoming events:

Sunday, June 11 from 3pm to 5pm


Meet Jyl Benson - Reception and Tasting


Fun, Funky & Fabulous - New Orleans' Casual Restaurant Recipes

"Jyl Benson has her finger on the pulse of the New Orleans dining scene and the soul of our cooking in her heart"

-New Orleans Magazine

Saturday, June 17 from 1pm to 3pm


Meet Bob Ryder


Voyages From Chatham

In Voyages from Chatham, Ryder takes us through a life lived on the water. From Chatham to Nova Scotia, to the Panama Canal, to California and back again, Ryder encounters sharks, fires, sinkings and hypothermia, as well as record catches and a solar eclipse. Through it all, one constant prevails: The incredible camaraderie shared by men who give their lives, and their hearts, to the sea.


Saturday, July 1 from 1pm to 3pm


Meet Daphne Palmer Geanacopoulos


The Pirate Next Door - The Untold Story of 18th Century Pirates' Wives, Families and Communities

"For those of you who've walked a beach and dreamt of finding a pirate treasure, you'll find that lost booty and much more in this carefully researched and wonderfully written book that is a new chapter in The Real History of the Pirates."


- Barry Clifford, Explorer and Author


Monday, July 3 from 11am to 1pm


Meet Anne D. LeClaire


The Halo Effect

"The Halo Effect will keep you turning pages, and fast. But it is that rarest of page turners, a novel that illuminates our frailties and the depths of grief while also managing to be hopeful and wholly human. Anne D. LeClaire has written a big hearted book that will leave you breathless."

-Ann Hood, author of The Knitting Circle


"The Halo Effect is a wonderful  hybrid: a compelling murder mystery and a thoughtful meditation on longing and loss. I was fascinated by the book's saints - -and sinners."

- Chris Bohjalian, author of Midwives


"Like the series of paintings at its core, The Halo Effect is the story of families torn and reborn, a meditation on duality, and a masterwork lit by compassion. I'm telling everyone I know about this book."

- Sara Pennypacker, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Pax











Saturday, May 27 from 2 pm to 5 pm


Sunday, May 28 from 1 pm to 3 pm


Meet the Creators of "Help A Hero Books"


Max and Charlie Help a Hero: Never Too Young to Give Back.


Join in Max and Charlie's adventures on Cape Cod and Nantucket to help a veteran get a service dog in this delightful and inspiring book for children.

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Wednesday, July 26 from 11am to 1pm


Meet Maura O'Leary


When Angels Play Poker

"An imaginative take on redemption after death"


-Kirkus Reviews


Saturday, August 5th 10am to 11am


Meet Howie Carr


Kennedy Babylon

A Century of Scandal and Depravity

Saturday, August 5th 4pm to 6pm


Meet John Whelan and Kim Roderiques


I Am Of Cape Cod

I Am Of Cape Cod captures the essence of the Cape with personal essays by people who have been creatively influenced by living on Cape Cod. Chatham photographer Kim Roderiques provides black and white photographs for each participant's contribution.

kennedy babylon cape cod

Wednesday, August 9th 11am to 1pm


Meet Michael Carlon


The Last Homily

A Catholic priest is murdered while celebrating Mass in the Cape Cod resort village of Chatham and it is up to Farrah Graham to find out who did it and why before they kill again.

last homily

Friday, August 11th 10am to Noon


Meet Cynthia Ahern


A Day at Sea

When a young girl, Sammy, accompanies her uncle Nick on a fishing trip off Cape Cod they experience heavy weather and a strange flock of birds. Based on a true story.

Monday, August 14th 11am to 1pm


Meet Frances Ward Weller



This moving tale, based on a true story, is deftly told and illustrated... more than just an exciting dog story.

- Publishers Weekly


Weller's poetic text, intensified by Blake's dramatic paintings, memorializes a beloved dog renowned along the Cape Cod shore.

- Booklist, starred review

day at the sea holywood secrets

Kennedy Babylon (Vol. 1)  begins the story of the Kennedy's sordid behavior with more than 100 photographs that have seldom, if ever, been seen before. Howie Carr's radio talk show is syndicated on 25 stations. He is a columnist for the Boston Herald

Wednesday, August 16th 11am to 1pm


Meet Barbara Struna


The Old Cape Hollywood Secret

In 1947 Maggie Foster and her cousin, Gertie, leave Cape Cod for the glamour and fame of Hollywood. One girl returns home and the other disappears. In Struna's novel, their tragic stories unfold and a murderous secret is uncovered.


Friday, August 18 11am to 1pm


Meet Consie Berghausen


A Shark! Named Jamison

A Shark! Named Jamison tells the true story about the rescue of a young, beached white shark on Cape Cod. The lyrical rhyming text and charming illustrations will delight readers of all ages.

Yellow Umbrella Books - Riptide

Saturday,  August 12th  1pm-3pm


Meet Tom Carhart


The Golden Fleece

High-Risk Adventure at West Point

Monday, August 7th  11am to 1pm


Meet Amanda McKenzie


The Do-Over

A Memoir of Work and Love


"Think Catch 22 meets The West Point Story as cadets kidnap the Navy football mascot, a billy goat, by infiltrating a high-security area one night before the annual Army-Navy game. The problems overcome and the bittersweet results make for high drama."

-Julian M. Olejniczak, author of To Be a Soldier: A Selective American Military History

An inspirational story about waiting for clarity, trusting your inner wisdom, and the surprising turns life takes when you let go and believe in possibility, The Do-Over is a refreshing reminder that you can always begin again.

Saturday, October 7th 1pm to 3pm


Meet Christopher Price



The Remarkable Run of the 2016 Patriots

"Breaking into the inner sanctuary of the New England Patriots is about as easy as breaking out of Leavenworth. Yet somehow Chris Price not only sneaks in, but takes us along on an up-close-and-personal tour of the magnificent 2016 season. Price's reporting is impeccable, his attention to detail unrivaled. This is a terrific football book."


"In Drive for Five, you'll gain insight into what defined the 2016 Patriots, as well as what makes Chris one of the most respected reporters on New England's football beat."



Christopher Price will also visit the store

Friday, November 24th from noon to 2pm to sign copies of DRIVE FOR FIVE for holiday gift giving.