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Events your entire family will enjoy

From best-selling authors to books of local interests, our book events offer adults and children a unique opportunity to meet the author and learn more about their books. Stop in and see us at one of our exciting gatherings and learn more about your favorite books.

“Books are uniquely portable magic.”


- Stephen King

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Call and inquire about our upcoming events:

Saturday, Feb 10th from 1 pm to 3 pm

Meet Wilderness Sarchild -

Poetry Reading and Book Signing

In Old Women Talking, Wilderness Sarchild confronts head on the specter of aging that terrifies so many of us. She wrestles honestly with wrinkles, fear of dementia, the loss of friends and loved ones, and demands of herself that she say yes to aging and yes to the fact of her own eventual death. This is a necessary collection and strong medicine for all of us.


Marge Piercy, New York Times Best Selling Author


This book offers exactly the kinds of old women's voices our world needs to hear: strong, sexy, and loving. Wilderness Sarchild is a beacon of passion and wisdom. These compelling, honest poems will change lives.


Annie Finch, Poet

Wednesday, August 22nd 1:30pm To 3:30pm



Meet William Martin -


Bound For Gold : A Peter Fallon Novel

"Plenty of skullduggery and labyrinths of mystery lace this gem about the California gold rush"

The prose and plot are as sharp as a broken piece of glass. Another masterpiece from the master of historic fiction"

-Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author.

Saturday, July 7th Noon to 2pm

Meet Dave Bushy -


The World Looked Away

Vietnam After The War

What happened to the people who remained in the former South Vietnam after the last gut-wrenching photos of people dangling from helicopters trying to escape?


This is Quoc Pham's true account of his grueling effort to escape and pilot a boat through the South China Sea into the shipping lanes where he and his young son, along with 53 other Vietnamese boat people, were rescued.

Saturday, May 26th from 1 pm to 3 pm

Meet Casey Sherman -

Above & Beyond: John F. Kennedy and America's Most Dangerous Spy Mission gives an original account of the Cuban Missile Crisis involving two U.S. pilots and John F. Kennedy. Deeply researched, this is a gripping account of the lives of these three men brought together on a day that could have changed history.

a&b fh

"In the tradition of James Michener, this epic about the California gold rush (and a partial modern one) is wonderfully engrossing and addictive. William Martin made me believe I was on the banks of those rugged mountain streams, panning for the dust that dreams are made of and lives are lost to. Ambitious, exciting and vividly researched. A twenty-four karat read"

     -David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author        


Tuesday, July 3rd 11am to 1pm

Meet Janice Riley -


Out In Blue Fields

In this series of beautiful essays, Stephen Spear and journalist Janice Riley chronicle a year of cultivating blueberries on Cape Cod's Hokum Rock Farm in Dennis.


Out In Blue Fields blends meditation and practical knowledge to inspire thoughts on why farming is important and how to find meaning in the natural world.

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"Murder As A Fine Art."


Saturday, August 11th 11am to 1pm

Meet Carolyn Parker -

Callie on the Cape:

  A Boatload of Trouble

Callie on the Cape is a charming, highly readable young adult novel that brings back a time on Cape Cod now largely lost.

"For anyone who writes biographically about these heroes, it's vital to provide some little known, suprising facts to give the reader a better idea of what they were really like and give a fuller picture of their lives. I hope I have succeeded in that regard."


"This book is a collection of no-holds-barred profiles and commentary drawn mostly from my interviews - many one-on-one - with the legendary athletes, as well as one iconic broadcaster. I have added interesting facts gleaned from historical research to bring these heroes into sharper focus. In summary, this book is a combination of memoir, biography, and sports history."

Wednesday, August 15th 11am to 2pm


Meet Christopher Daly -

Friday, August 17th 11am to 1pm


Meet Consie Berghausen -

" A whale, gull and shark, seem unlikely friends

   But success in friendship really depends

   On accepting the traits of one another

   And treating them like a sister or a brother"

-- quoted from "Jamison A Shark Returns"

Friday, August 24th 11am to 1pm


Meet Paul Kemprecos-

Shark Bait crackles with energy, authenticity, and vibrance. It is storytelling at its level best, the very definition of what a great read is all about. Certain to take a bite out of the competition for the best beach book of the year

- John Land, best-selling author of the

Murder She Wrote series

Saturday, September 1st Noon to 3pm


Meet Matt Fitzpatrick-

'There is no greater reading pleasure than to meet a new player in the field of Boston crime fiction. So allow me to introduce Matthew Fitzpatrick, and allow him to introduce you to the fictional gang of sharp-tongued, sardonic, hopeful, hopeless wise-guys and gals. His narration sings with the song of the street, and their dialogue is so real it spits. A most promising debut. Enjoy."

-- William Martin, New York Times Bestselling author of

"Cape Cod", "Back Bays" and " Bound For Gold"

"Crosshairs" is a gritty story about gritty people in a city where only the strong and strategic survive.

-- Capt. Linda Greenlaw, best-selling author of

"The Hungry Ocean" and "Bimini Twist"

Christopher consie Paul matt

-- from the introduction of  "Hub Heroes"

Saturday, August 11th 5pm to 7pm

Meet photographer Kim Roderiques and golden retriever "Chatham Charlie" -

In this delightful story, Kaylee learns with the help of Charlie the golden retriever, that sometimes a very special friend is there all along just waiting to be discovered.

Kaylee Finds a Friend


Saturday, August 18th Noon to 2pm


Meet Brian Beneduce -

Scared to Death... Do it Anyway!


Scared to Death... Do it Anyway! is one man's journey,  both tumultuous and inspirational, told through the thoughts, feelings and secrets of an acute agoraphobic. Chronicling three decades of severe panic and anxiety attacks, the book reveals the healing thought process of self-realization that helped the author overcome his fears.


This unique alphabet book combines playful verses, informative text, and stunning photographs to introduce children to the wonders of Cape Cod

Monday, August 13th 11am to 1pm


Meet Christina Laurie-


C is for Cape Cod


Saturday, September 15th, 12PM to 2PM


Meet Mike Bernard-

A FISHERMAN'S VIEW is a deeply emotional story of reconciliation and a celebration of family; how people who were raised so close can be so far apart without truly knowing it.

Saturday, October 20th, 11AM - 2PM


Meet East End Eddie Doherty-

Relive a colorful account of one man's quest in the pursuit of striped bass along the rocky banks of the world famous Cape Cod Canal. The author, a recently retired District Court Clerk-Magistrate,  has included humorous anecdotes, personal stories & breathtaking photographs by highly acclaimed and widely renowned photographer John Doble.

book cover seven miles after sundown fisherman's view cover